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Paragon Rapid Technologies continues to invest in state of art manufacturing technology

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Paragon Rapid Technologies continues to invest in state of art manufacturing technology, underpinning its commitment to delivering precision parts for its growing client base.

As part of the company’s ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System, the installation of a portable, high-precision 3D measurement device from FARO will allow the County-Durham based Bureau to maintain its superior product quality through digital verification, as it continues to strive for operational excellence across all departments.

Paragon has appointed dedicated Faro Arm Technician, Dominic Cockburn, to support the increasing demand for 3D Scanning projects. Using the new equipment, Dominic will generate 3D CAD data for clients, reverse engineer existing components and provide comprehensive validation reports. The new equipment will also support the design and manufacture of Paragon’s own range of customised jigs and fixtures, including Nesting Jigs, Alignment jigs and Holding or Assembly Fixtures. Where parts need to be measured, inspected or checked against original specification, it also offers a range of sight gauges, gap and flush gauges and Go-No Go Gauges.

Alongside the recent addition of its 5-Axis CNC machining centre and increased staffing levels, the new 3D Scanning equipment is the latest investment in Paragon’s extensive Engineering facility. Commercial Director, Ian Jobling commented “The investment forms part of our focus on quality and will strengthen our leading position as partner of choice for prototyping and low volume manufacture.”

For a tour of Paragon’s Engineering facility, or if you have a 3D Scanning project we can support, email or call +44(0)1325 333 141.

Paragon Rapid Technologies, Aviation Way, Durham Tees Valley Airport, Darlington, DL2 1NA, UK

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