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Physical Digital Adopts V8 of GOM Inspect

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Using the globally-respected GOM measurement systems, our non-contact 3D scanning produces highly accurate data. The GOM Inspect software analyses this data for many purposes: product development, inspection, quality control and production amongst others.

The new features in GOM Inspect V8 software.

Cluster Evaluation and Silhouette Inspection are among the many new features in the GOM V8 software. This function offers a range of possibilities, such as area calculation, dimension measuring and contour inspection. It is also possible to evaluate deviations between nominal data and actual data.

Cluster 1Cluster 2Cluster 3

Physical Digital Limited has rolled out the V8 software on all systems and we look forward to showing our customers the new features. To find out more about the capabilities of the new inspection software contact or call (01483) 750200.

Follow the links to view videos about the capabilities of the new software  –

Silhouette Video

Cluster Video

The GOM website has details of what is new in the V8 software:

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