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Picking up the challenging role of the new CEO of the GTMA

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Dr Alan Arthur provides a glimpse of the path the Association looks to navigate in its quest for ongoing business growth and success for the membership.

Jake Bishop, President, GTMA added ‘’I am delighted to announce the appointment of Alan Arthur as the new CEO of GTMA. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the industry and how the Association can fully assist its members moving forward. The board of Directors at the GTMA give their full support to Alan and wish him well in his quest to maintain and further develop the foundations of the Association.’’

Alan Arthur is a Chartered Engineer, embracing a range of technical disciplines across manufacturing, mechanical, and civil engineering.  Over 40 years Alan has worked on a wide range of products and services, with international experience in project delivery and supply chain management.  He is an experienced tutor and mentor and has previously worked with other manufacturing trade associations.

Against a backdrop of global turbulence, we have grown our membership and extended services through digital marketing and sector penetration. We will continue to deliver a high-quality service to our members and identify new areas of opportunity where and as they emerge.

GTMA has established itself as the primary manufacturing supply chain partner helping OEMs and top-tier companies to identify and access services in the UK. The GTMA operates as a Partner to our members, providing additional resources and skill sets to stimulate business growth. This will remain at the heart of everything we do.

The UK manufacturing supply chain is agile and well placed to deliver into high-performance technologies generating and delivering energy as demand for sustainability and reduced carbon grows. UK supply chain companies will continue to exploit innovation and compete globally. The renewable energy sector is key now and moving forwards, requiring technology solutions around hydrogen, nuclear, wind, and other complementary energy sources.

It is an exciting time for manufacturers with demand for skills and services remaining high. Cluster Groups have been a key element of the GTMA strategy, supporting members in horizontal business development into new sectors. Where appropriate we will form alliances to maximise opportunities for members to diversify.

Tribute must be paid to Alan’s predecessor, Julia Moore who steps down after almost 25 years of dedicated service to the GTMA.


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