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The Sempre Group introduces the Micro-Vu VF7 to its metrology offering

Industrial metrology specialist, The Sempre Group, has introduced the new Micro-Vu VF7 to UK and Irish manufacturers. The two-dimensional, high precision

measurement machine uses InSpec Metrology Software®, advanced LED lighting and a tailored design to provide clear measurement data and tolerances. The VF7 can be operated using a simple touch button system to carry out one touch reporting and automatic part identification on any orientation.

The VF7 includes a simplistic touch panel that has clear pass or fail indicators and allows the user to start measurement, get a report and produce live video in just one click. The intuitive panel also allows users to automatically search for measurement programs, execute them and display measurement results.

InSpec Metrology Software automatically records data and produces an inspection report, which can be easily communicated to stakeholders to show the quality of the product. It has programmable labels and geometric overlays, so the user can see the measurement results as they occur. The software clearly indicates if measurements are within tolerance with specific-coloured labels showing the measurement data.

“The VF7 only needs a single USB connection to link to a workstation computer and the wider metrology system,” explained Mike G John, head of engineering at The Sempre Group. “The simplicity of the new design makes achieving high quality parts easier and faster than past versions. Its intuitive nature also reduces the time needed for training or for system set up.

“For manufacturers working with complex two-dimensional parts, such as a printed circuit board, the high magnification abilities of the VF7 allows for highly accurate testing,” continued John. “The addition of a ring light and axial surface light enhances accuracy, ensuring that products meet specifications and giving manufacturers peace of mind.”

With the help of The Sempre Group’s installation and service team, the VF7 can be installed into a wide range of manufacturing sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, sheet metal, precision engineering and electronics. The Sempre team offers a full suite of metrology solutions, including software and hardware, and can easily integrate new technology with existing equipment.

 To request further information on the VF7 or a demonstration on any of the Micro-Vu range, visit

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