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Precision thread gauges tested & true

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JBO E-Multicheck  Thread Gauges


Stocdon has news associated with the leading manufacturer of measurement equipment of thread gauges from Johs. Boss GmbH & Co. KG (JBO) of Germany, equipping an engine manufacturing plant with manual measurement stations which use MultiCheck gauges. Not only are standard thread and bore gauges used, but also specially adapted models for specific test assignments.

The use of MultiCheck gauges in the cylinder block and cylinder head production workshop of the new Opel engine plant in Szentgotthard/Hungary is vital to ensure accurate statistical process control (SPC). Quality inspections are carried out both in accordance with an inspection schedule and after every tool change. The inspector is visually prompted through the complete measurement procedure at the Marposs measurement processor by a “guided sequence”.


The complexity of the components, which is due to wide-ranging combinations of different thread depths and diameters, prompted the company to opt for flexible measuring devices. Inclined holes with depth tolerances necessitate special-purpose adaptors and also non-standard reference plates. Working hand in hand with


Opel and  Marposs who opted for the use of gauges from JBO. Not only do these offer the benefit of 1/100 mm reading accuracy, but non-standard adaptors are also available from JBO for almost any conceivable test assignment.

MultiCheck gauges can be used for the following test characteristics

  • Thread testing with thread depth
  • Thread core hole testing with depth
  • Special depth gauge for bore depth
  • Thread plug gauges for measuring the depth of hole and fit

Using MultiCheck, both the trueness to gauge of a thread and also the thread depth / trueness to gauge of a hole and its depth can be tested in a single measurement process. This reduces the number of test cycles required by half. Thread depths can be read as standard up to 4xD. Worn plug gauges can be simply exchanged. MultiCheck is available with scale, vernier and digital display. A data connecting cable or adaptors for radio transmission can be supplied on request for direct logging of results. If a large number of threads have to be tested in series, JBO offers a specially developed motor-driven eMultiCheck for this type of application.

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