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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Creative Designers

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Consumers’ expectations are increasing and mediocrity is no longer acceptable – only excellence will do. Not surprisingly then, the way products are designed is changing too and so are the designers responsible for creating new products.

As design becomes an increasingly significant strategic component in business, designers are the innovators and interpreters of consumer needs, camera_image_2transforming these needs into tangible desirable products.

The ability to explore, discover and create ideas quickly, discuss them with stakeholders, modify them, make models, test and re-model before finally presenting a finished solution are no longer ‘nice to haves’ but essential.

Thus Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has evolved – technology that can be used throughout the life cycle of a product development project and beyond.

Dassault Systèmes pioneered PLM and work closely with both the aerospace and automotive industries where the demands of ‘time to market’, the management and sharing of information are essential in these highly competitive businesses. The Dassault Systèmes solutions have become the de facto standard in these industries.

Benefits of PLM for Creative Designers 

Designers can create, share, discuss and debate ideas with engineers, cost estimators and manufacturing early in the process for comment  and evaluation

Consumers are able to play a role in product creation to realise their ‘perfect’ product.


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