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Red sprung index bolts are easily seen

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 WDS Component Parts Ltd. has introduced a new range of compact parking type spring loaded index bolts, which are supplied in a distinctive red colour for ease of identification. They are available with shaft diameters from 3mm to 10mm and head diameters from 14mm to 33mm, with lengths from 5mm to 12mm. Different sizes provide spring forces is from 0.4kgf to 3.2kgf.

In operation the spring pushes the bolt into a corresponding hole, thus locking two workpieces into place with a known force. They can be used for joining two or more parts together, to locate parts into precise positions, for indexing or work holding.


Using spring loaded index bolts makes many assembly and positioning jobs easier and less time consuming, while also ensuring accuracy and efficiency. For instance, when used for work holding, each workpiece can be positioned approximately by hand and when the index bolts are deployed they will automatically move into the precise position required. The same attributes are useful in indexing operations, while their known holding force is suited to pressing, printing and similar duties where a given pressure must be achieved between the two parts being held.

WDS offers a comprehensive range of index bolts in many formats and materials. Each comes in a choice of size and spring pressures meaning that whatever the task in hand, WDS has something to suit.

As with most WDS products, 2D and 3D CAD files are available to download from the company’s website, so can be incorporated straight into the design files for virtually any type of plant or machinery. Orders can be placed with WDS online or over the phone and for maximum customer convenience there is no requirement for a minimum order quantity. These are fulfilled from stock, so that delivery is fast and reliable.


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