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RESOLUTE™ position encoders support accurate and reliable motion control with Mitsubishi’s new MELSERVO-J5 servo amplifiers

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Renishaw’s RESOLUTE encoders can support Mitsubishi’s MELSERVO-J5 servo amplifiers, so that machine designers can achieve higher machine speeds, better accuracy and lower maintenance costs. This latest development will help motion stage builders to achieve cutting-edge motion control performance with maximised uptime, throughput and safety.

”The Unique true absolute system, the RESOLUTE encoder is designed to provide position feedback for the motion control of linear and rotary axes. It consists of three elements: a precision graduated scale, an electro-optical readhead and a serial interface. RESOLUTE encoders are compatible with a wide range of communication protocols, including the Mitsubishi serial protocol.

 The MELSERVO-J5 series servo amplifiers feature a 3.5 kHz frequency response, machine resonance suppression filters, rapid communication cycle time, compatibility with CC-Link IE TSN® (including multi-network capability), and advanced AI-driven predictive maintenance.

 A powerful synergy between Renishaw’s RESOLUTE encoders and Mitsubishi’s MELSERVO-J5 servo amplifiers delivers key performance benefits, like higher axis speeds. MELSERVO-J5 servo amplifiers have high servo bandwidths that enable following accuracies and fast axes with high accelerations and low settling times.

“The unique design of the RESOLUTE absolute encoder enables exceptional measurement resolution down to 1 nm at linear speeds of up to 100 m/s,” explained Tom Ellis, Product Manager at Renishaw. “It ensures the highest possible servo gain levels for maximum stage performance.

“RESOLUTE encoder systems also calculate position on demand and include built-in error checking algorithms that protect against uncontrolled movements and related crash risks,”  Ellis continued. “It also eliminates scale miscounting, position drift and count runaway.”

 The combined technology also enables diagnostics for preventative maintenance. Mitsubishi’s Maisart® software can predict remaining part lifespan and enable preventative maintenance to be scheduled before part failure.

Renishaw’s Advanced Diagnostic Tool ADTa-100 can also assist with encoder installation and test key performance parameters of the RESOLUTE encoder system, like signal strength along the axis length. The ADTa-100 interface can be operated in both standalone mode and in conjunction with a PC, via a standard USB connector, running Renishaw’s ADT View software.

Renishaw RESOLUTE encoder systems have CE approval and are manufactured by Renishaw in-house using strict quality-controlled processes that are certified to ISO 9001:2015. They are backed by a global sales and support network.

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