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Seco extends the functionality and features of its MY PAGES digital portal

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Seco extends the functionality and features of its MY PAGES digital portal with the launch of SUGGEST – a new, powerful and sophisticated product identification and selection App.

In 2015 Seco Tools launched MY PAGES – the company’s new single entry point/single sign-in digital (internet-based) portal that enabled staff and Technical Partners and, more importantly, customers to have fast, direct and reliable access to its product information, cutting data and test reports.

MY PAGES’ functionality also enabled users to place orders, view previous order history and check stock availability in real time.

laptop, mobile phone and digital tablet pc computer
laptop, mobile phone and digital tablet pc computer

Now a year down the line, MY PAGES has been expanded to include SUGGEST – a new integrated APP that makes it easier and quicker for customers to identify and select the right Seco tool(s) for their new and existing jobs.


SUGGEST is easy to use and easy to understand, and can be accessed anywhere…anytime via a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

SUGGEST integrates comprehensive cutting tool data on thousands of Seco products with more than 80 years of application engineering and process development expertise into one multi-functional App.

This advanced intelligence allows SUGGEST to quickly and easily recommend cutting tools and machining strategies for producing parts with both simple and complex features.

As technology advances and new products and processes are introduced, SUGGEST is continuously updated by Seco, ensuring users always have access to the most up-to-date information.

SUGGEST is a proven aid to decision-making and is more sophisticated than typical product selectors.

SUGGEST presents relevant solutions, from a material or applications perspective, based on user-defined information such as work-piece material and machining conditions — all within minutes as opposed to longer when navigating through product catalogues.

Net pricing and inventory availability for all recommended cutting tools can also be provided via SUGGEST upon request.

Furthermore, SUGGEST is able to make recommendations from minimal data owing to default values in each of its data input fields. This means that users with limited metal-cutting knowledge can use and benefit from SUGGEST which, in this time of skills shortages where experienced machinists are hard to find, extends SUGGEST’s appeal.

SUGGEST is a versatile solution and can be customised too.

Users can review and edit the cutting data for every step of an operation as well as filter, sort and compare alternative suggestions.

All tooling recommendations can be saved, electronically shared or printed for easy distribution.

According to Ben Alexander, Service Owner My Pages at Seco, an increasing number of manufacturers are looking to cutting tool suppliers to help them optimise their processes.

Continues Ben Alexander:

“Employee talent is scarce and metalworking innovations have accelerated to the point where many manufacturers cannot keep up-to-speed with the latest developments and best-practice.

“At Seco, our integrated support services and investment in the latest technologies, (as evident with SUGGEST), means that our customers can take advantage of our know-how…quickly and simply.”


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