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Sehta Medtech expo & conference

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The sheta Medtech expo & Conference  recently took place last week  in the city of London and it was nothing short of a resounding success. Medical professional, researchers and industry leaders from form the UK and around the world  gathered under one roof  to exchange knowledge, forge  new connections and discuss the latest innovations in the field  of healthcare.  The conference  proved to be an invaluable platform for fostering  collaborations  and exploring new prospects in the ever-evolving medial landscape.

The conference  provided a platform  for startup companies and entrepreneurs to showcase  their healthcare solutions. The “Innovators alley”  exhibit  featured exciting  developments in medical devices, digital health platforms creating  a bridge  between established industry leaders and emerging  talents .

The Sehta Medtech Expo & Conference  was not only an avenue for knowledge sharing  but also  a prime networking  opportunity .This gave  Plasticom the opportunity  to forge new connect with new and exiting  collaborations with different  institutions.

“ Our participation  has allowed us to connect and network with start ups, institutions  and the opportunity to participate in the development of new medical devices. As we look  forward to future conferences , the ripples  created  by the 2023 Sehta  Medtech Expo and Conference in London will continue to shape  the healthcare landscape for years to come , fostering innovation and new collaborations” said Mrs S Simmonds Financial Director  Plasticom Ltd.

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