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Sierra 57’s Mould Training adds value to Advanced Plastics

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Sierra 57’s onsite Mould Training arm have been working closely with East Riding’s Advanced Plastics in collaboration with their continuous people training & development programs, with S57 deploying training of key principles in Injection Moulding machine safe start-up and shut-down procedures, and Team Leader injection moulding appreciation. Helping Team Leaders to understand and grasp the core technical roles and functions of their shift production staff, is absolutely critical for Team Leaders & Shift Managers to both appreciate & identify ways of developing & nurturing their own staff, to promote productivity and good working practices within their teams, and boost job interest and personal career desires to aspire further.

Mark Lawson, Sierra 57 adds “With these bite-size training modules and the onsite comfort & familiarity of being trained around their own injection moulding machines, materials & tooling, trainees are in the best mindset to learn and to completely digest vital course content, with good training work books to return to and strengthen their knowledge bank.”

Advanced Plastics continually strive to being a leading UK injection Moulding business with strong presence within key market industry sectors in Automotive, EV, Medical, White Goods & Electronics sectors. Every member of the Advanced Plastics business is empowered and trained to perform the functions for which they are responsible; each and every one individual plays a vital role in the success of the business, every one encouraged to develop their skills through a programme of structured vocational & academic training.


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