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The Fast Track to Automate Visual Inspection

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Many people struggle with the complexity of the technology of AI based visual inspection. You need to understand AI on one side and understand vision on the other side and bringing this together in a productive application can be quite complicated.

What you get with Inspekto is a wide range of technologies that helps you to decrease the level of skill needed to get started. One example is a camera set up that is as simple to use as using your smart phone, with your smart phone you pull it out of your pocket turn it on to get a perfect image. Inspekto does exactly the same for industry cameras out of the box.

Whenever you look at something, your brain carries out a series of processes without you even acknowledging it. First, it controls the eyes to acquire the best image then it recognises what is the object seen. Then, it inspects anomalies to reach an OK/NOK decision.

Autonomous Machine Vision – Artificial Intelligence (AMV-AI™) follows this same cognitive process. AMV-AI comprises of three independent and synergetic AI engines driving a unique electro-optic system.

  1. Acquisition
  2. Recognition
  3. Inspection

The Inspekto S70 combines this unique electro-optics system (the camera) with the breakthrough Autonomous Machine Vision AI (AMV-A1™) to deliver a visual quality inspection solution that is versatile extremely easy to deploy, adapts to changes in the production line and requires no machine vision expertise.

AMV-AI™ is more than just machine vision AI, it powers all phases of the machine vision process, not just the inspection decision it adapts to the changes in the production line and to the case via:

  • Unique dynamic algorithm module offers active recommendations for fine tuning the quality inspection.
  • Learns your inspection requirements, offering performance optimizing AI-based recommendations for continuous quality inspection.
  • Recommendations ensure stable quality performance in an ever-changing production environment.
  • Capable of selectively boosting the inspection sensitivity to a specific defect type, while maintaining general sensitivity to other types of defects

The system is taught by firstly scanning 20-30 good parts and then the AI engine understands the product tolerances and physical attributes, differentiates between defects and permissible defects, and improves via deep learning. None of these actions require knowledge or training of the operators.

The Inspekto S70 is available in the UK from Optimax Imaging and Inspection

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