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The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition – Thursday, 20thApril, 2023 – Arena MK, Milton Keynes

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The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition, which is taking place on the 20th April, 2023 at the Arena MK, Milton Keynes, is a technology to industry event covering the full spectrum of British manufacturing and its supply chain.

With its comprehensive Conference programme of free workshops and key note speakers combined with a wide array of exhibitors displaying the latest technological solutions and business services available, the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition 2023 will be one of the largest events of its kind in the country.

The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition serves as a national forum for manufacturers and operators involved throughout the associated supply chains from across the UK – to gather to discuss pressing issues facing British industry. It is now firmly established as a ‘must-attend’ annual event, which successfully connects key stakeholders across the full spectrum of British manufacturing.

In addition to the implications of the War in Ukraine and escalating energy costs on the global trading environment, other issues high on the agenda at the event will include the challenges and opportunities provided by constantly changing consumer demands, the rapid pace of technological advances in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and robotics, along with heightening environmental concerns and intensifying competition both domestically and in international markets.

The disruptive changes generated by the unfolding fourth Industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) will also be examined by many keynote speakers as well as both the resulting challenges and opportunities for British industry.

The event will cover various topical themes including: Industry 4.0, Digital Manufacturing, Smart Factory, Lean & Continuous Improvement, Robotics & Automation, Financing Investment, Industrial Blockchain, Research & Development, Precision Engineering, QEHS, Supply Chain & Logistics, Sustainability, Government Policy and Industrial Strategy, Exports and Skills & Training.

Visitors, who are interested in improving the performance of their business, will be able to listen to case studies and technical presentations from leading global and British manufacturers and manufacturing experts, and to meet with providers of cutting edge technology.

The speakers at the Conference have been carefully selected from senior management within British industry and academia, who have a successful track record of delivering quantifiable results in sustainable manufacturing and throughout the supply chain, and who can offer delegates a clear pathway to enhancing competitiveness and innovation.

Networking Opportunity

The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition 2023 will provide an ideal forum for meeting Government agencies and supporting associations, and gaining free advice from experts. It will also provide networking zones to connect buyers and suppliers. Indeed, the layout of the Conference & Exhibition is intended to maximise the opportunity for delegates to network and make new contacts.

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