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The Power Of PSL Datatrack Imaging

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PSL Datatrack is a flexible, modular production control system designed for both small and medium manufacturing businesses. The software’s Imaging option is becoming increasingly popular in aiding users to manage their business and production administration more effectively and efficiently.

Imaging is a robust feature that allows customers to effortlessly manage and associate images with specific records in the Goods Received, Purchase Invoicing, Quotations and Works Orders modules. It seamlessly integrates with various formats, including graphics, CAD files and PDFs, enabling quick previews from the system.

The system’s flexibility shines through in the configuration capabilities of Imaging. Users have the option to designate file paths and folder names, tailoring the storage structure to their specific preferences or existing setups. For instance, the option to subdivide folders by account reference allows for a more organised and easily accessible bank of images.

The simplicity of incorporating images into PSL Datatrack is clear to see. By following a simple naming structure process – using drawing and issue numbers, quotation and purchase invoice references or GRN, Supplier and Mill Certificate numbers – images effortlessly tie into the respective system records. Images can be set to automatically print alongside documents such as process layouts and delivery notes, preventing manual lookup and retrieval of files later down the line.

Storing images within the system benefits users in multiple ways:

  • Organised record-image association: Storage of relevant images against individual records ensures every crucial file aligns seamlessly with the corresponding data, providing a comprehensive view for every project or transaction
  • Evidence and documentation: The software acts as a source of evidence, critical in scenarios where proof or documentation is required. The ability to instantly access relevant images bolsters transparency and traceability
  • Environmental and cost benefits: By eliminating the need to print documents, PSL Datatrack significantly reduces paper wastage and associated costs. This eco-friendly approach aligns with modern sustainability practices

The Imaging options stands as a testament to PSL Datatrack’s commitment to empowering subcontract precision engineering companies. By providing a user-friendly, comprehensive solution, it elevates operational efficiency and ensures meticulous recordkeeping, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and client satisfaction.

PSL Datatrack continues to set the benchmark for practical, simple and logical software solutions, enabling its customers to streamline their entire production processes from initial quotation to final invoice. Click here to find out what our users think about us!

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