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The Speed and Accuracy of a Modern Vision System in a Non-PC Format

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The Starrett KMR-MX 200 is a manual vision metrology system based on the existing KMR-200 system, but unusually does not employ a PC.

Designed for use on the shop floor it has a manually driven X-Y stage paired with a 6.5:1 zoom lens and MetLogix™ Mx200 digital readout with a display monitor, A user can perform a wide range of measurements without the need of a Windows®-based software or PC •

It is ideal for use in the medical, aerospace, defense industries, as well as any environment which requires a simple yet powerful measurement system which conforms to a wide range of security needs.

It features a 14” 1080P monitor paired with MetLogix™ MX200 digital readout. The stage has a travel range of 200mm x 100mm with a Z range of 125mm. The 6.5:1 zoom range is manually operated and the scale resolution is 0.5µm, Illumination is provided by an LED profile and ring light with manual control. A mouse is supplied to interface with the camera software plus, flexible image manipulation and colour customizable digital crosshair allows trouble-free operation.

Screenshots can be collected and stored for use with a built-in comparison tool and an SD card is included for image storage, Flexible reporting capability completes the system.


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