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Third Dimension’s new solution for seal gap measurement in automotive

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Third Dimension has developed a new innovative solution to solve the challenges of measuring automotive seal gaps. The solution is well proven in automotive applications, and has been tested with a leading luxury automotive manufacturer, accurately measuring gaps from 0mm to 50mm controlling tolerance bands of +/-0.5mm (+/-0.02”), with unsurpassed R&R scores – better than 15%.

seal gapAutomotive closures are a complex area of engineering, with tight geometries to ensure that performance remains consistent over what can be a very demanding product life.  As well as external, visible gaps (for which the GapGun is used to measure extensively, worldwide), it is also important to measure the internal closure gap dimensions where the door seals will ultimately be fitted.

GapGun offers the capability to measure both external body gaps and inside (seal) gaps with just one instrument, to afford a reliable and simple solution. Working with a premium car manufacturer in the UK, Third Dimension has developed a revolutionary technique to accurately achieve this measurement having designed two patented fixtures; a door stop striker plate and a friction block.

John Kane, Third Dimension’s Chief Business Development Officer, said: “We have been designing and manufacturing industrial measurement systems for many years. Our real value is the innovation we introduce and our experience in industrial metrology.

“We have been able to apply the lessons we have learned and incorporated the views of customers into our manufacturing and development process. We strive to ensure that we are providing the best solution to our customers’ most difficult measurement problems.”

A Dimensional & Process Verification Manager of a leading premium car manufacturer said: “GapGun is the ideal tool for quickly and accurately measuring small gaps throughout the car. It is important that these dimensions are monitored closely.

“No-one wants to have poor fit, which could result in uncomfortable wind noise or rain coming in through a seal in any car and this applies doubly to our range of luxury vehicles. We have used it extensively in our new car range where it has saved time and money throughout the production process.”

The key advantages of GapGun seal gap inspection:

Easy to use and integrate: GapGun can be easily integrated in the manufacturing process for quality inspection with minimal training. The method of measurement is quick and easy, requiring no additional specialist training. With results collected in seconds by the same system as external gaps, there’s no need to collate the results from multiple systems, saving time and reducing the risk of error.

Fast and flexible: The GapGun can be used to measure both external and internal gaps in seconds, for a smooth un-interrupted workflow. With interchangeable measurement heads, clip on battery pack for extended portable use, optional stand offs for positioning and configurable tools, GapGun is totally flexible to your needs.

Affordable: Significantly lower in cost than a complex, electronic alternative measurement solution ensures return on investment is achieved very quickly.

Robust and simple: Operators find GapGun simple and intuitive to use and friction blocks add no cables, wires, leaf springs or other damage prone components. Furthermore, the GapGun with its shock protection head cover and seal gap measurement blocks are extremely robust, meaning that they can be used on the shop floor for years, with no risk of expensive and inconvenient system breakdown.

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