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Thomas Keating Ltd; NASA/MIT TROPICS “Pathfinder”antenna working well

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Launched into polar orbit on the 30th June 2021 by SpaceX’s Transporter 2 was the NASA/MIT TROPICS ”Pathfinder” satellite,  having onboard an antennae designed and completely manufactured by Thomas Keating Ltd at its site at  Billingshurst in West Sussex.

TROPICS ”Pathfinder”, is the test satellite to prove the on board systems before the six TROPICS satellites which are to be launched in 2022. TROPICS will be collecting temperature, water and cloud ice data and allowing the study of storms and other global weather conditions.

There are a full details on NASA’s www site ( which shows imagery of the recent hurricane Ida moving over the south coast of the US. The accuarcy of design and manufacture from Thomas Keating has help provide NASA with the excellent imagery.

Below are two views of TROPICS ‘Pathfinder’ antenna, complete design and manufacture at our Billingshurst site:

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