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Most software systems are designed to perform, and excel at, specific business functions, often with the ability to share information or data-based reports with additional departments within an organisation. An accounting package would be a great example of this. However, CGTech’s VERICUT CNC simulation and optimisation software is truly enterprise inclusive.

From the team on the management board to the machine tool operator, at every step VERICUT provides clear and measurable benefits. We ask key members of staff from various advanced manufacturing and precision engineering companies, some of which are renowned multinationals while others are highly professional family-run businesses, to explain how the software has impacted their businesses.

Developed by CGTech, VERICUT is independent CNC machine tool simulation, verification and optimisation software that enables users to link all the machining operations end-to-end to evaluate and improve the entire manufacturing process. Every step, through engineering, design, CAM programming and machining and up to the final quality and inspection phase, can and should be optimized. Simulation ensures programs are error free and all operations work together as intended, but optimization ensures the whole process is operating as efficiently as possible to save time and money.

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