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Turnkey support for metal dental AM

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~ Tri-Tech 3D announces new partnership with imes-icore ~

To expand its additive manufacturing (AM) dental product offering and support, Tri-Tech 3D has agreed a new distributorship with imes-icore in the UK. After the two companies recently collaborated on a dental project, imes-icore, a German supplier of dental metal 3D printing and CNC milling equipment, identified the need for a UK reseller. Tri-Tech 3D will now supply the company’s CORiTEC AM technology, which is compatible with Cobalt-Chrome and medical-grade titanium dental alloys and can print up to 500 units per day.

Since its establishment in 2002, imes-icore has become one of the market leaders in digital dental CAD/CAM production systems, with customers spanning dentists, clinics and laboratories. Its CORiTEC AM series, which includes the CORiTEC AM100 printer and CORiTEC AMpure powder handling, recovery and sieving system. This technology is based on the One Click Metal solutions, which Tri-Tech 3D already supplies to several production markets.

The CORiTEC AM100 can produce end use parts including bridges, copings, crowns and frameworks. Meanwhile, the CORiTEC AMpure is a two-in-one unpackaging and sieving station that includes an integrated connection for vacuum part cleaning. During the cleaning process, it collects excess powder in an overflow cartridge so operators can reuse it for the next process. It is a sealed system, protecting operators from exposure to metal powder.

“As digital dentistry becomes more widespread to improve patient outcomes, we’re working with dentists and technicians to adopt AM efficiently,” said Colin Cater, sales manager at Tri-Tech 3D. “As well as supplying the machines, we’ll work with imes-icore to provide hands-on support that covers everything from installation and setup to software operation and part cleaning. Offering this turnkey service is important for helping dental labs embrace AM, whether it’s supplementing or replacing traditional processes.”

The new partnership enhances Tri-Tech 3D’s dental AM solutions offering. The supplier already has significant expertise in polymer technologies, such as the Stratasys DentaJet, and applications including crown and bridge, orthodontics and implantology. Its dental polymer solutions are managed by dental specialist Amish Jani. Meanwhile, Colin Cater — its metal specialist — will manage any projects relating to imes-icore.

To find out more about 3D printing in healthcare and dental applications, visit the Tri-Tech 3D website or set up a meeting with a specialist by calling 01782 814551.

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