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WDS Gas Struts

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WDS Component Parts Ltd. has made it even easier to specify the perfect gas struts for your application by offering an extended range of end fittings available to order pre-installed. The new fittings accompany the ever popular range of WDS adjustable gas struts and allow end-users to order a solution that can be completely tailored to their unique requirements.



The WDS range of high quality gas struts is designed with an adjusting valve which allows end-users to set the internal pressures to the precise requirements of the application. The range has proven popular in the UK market as end users appreciate the flexibility of the product and the simplicity that comes with ordering a standard product that can be delivered within 24 hours. The addition of new standard fittings to this range further extends the flexibility offered to customers.

Traditionally, the gas struts were supplied as standard with a DIN 71802 ball joint in either end. While this fitting is extremely popular with the majority of customers, WDS was keen to expand the options available. The extended range of fittings includes clevis fork fittings on both ends, clevis eye fittings on both ends, a clevis eye and a clevis fork fitting on either end or a rose joint fitting on both ends. Each option is available to order as standard from the catalogue or website and will be delivered pre-installed as required.

In addition, end-users are able to order the gas struts with no fitting attached and order individual fittings separately to create their own bespoke combination. The range of individual fittings also includes mounting brackets which couple with the standard ball joint fitting to accommodate wall or panel mounting.

The entire gas strut range is available to view and order online at


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