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WDS launches low head knurled thumb screw to DIN standard

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Leeds manufacturer and supplier of standard parts and components, WDS Components, has launched a new DIN 653 knurled thumb screw variant. The new thumb screw is based on the brand’s existing design but features a wider, low profile head that conforms to the DIN standard. The new release is also joined by a new range of knurled thumb nuts, designed to the DIN 6303 standard.

The new WDS knurled thumb screw DIN 653 has been developed to meet the requirements of machine builders, as well as end users, that require DIN design standardisation. DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung), the German Institute for Standardisation, covers various products for manufacturing and design, to ensure product quality, safety and compatibility.

Also known as a cylindrical head screw or flat thumb screw, the new thumb screw design features a knurled circumference that features a raised triangular pattern. This knurled perimeter enhances control and enables fine adjustment by improving grip. This design is ideal if the operator intends to tighten the thumb screws with pliers or with a gloved hand, or if grease or moisture are present.

Constructed from stainless steel, WDS’ knurled thumb screws are highly resistant to corrosion and can be used in clean room environments for industries such as food & beverage, medical and pharmaceutical. The highly durable design also makes the DIN-compliant thumb screw ideal as a general fastener, including use with jigs and fixtures, construction processes involving aluminium profile, as well as integration with OEM machinery.

The knurled thumb screws are available in sizes ranging from thread diameter M3 through to M10. Various thread lengths are available and custom sizes can be provided on request. The full part specification, including free to download CAD drawings in a variety of formats, is available on under part number 8914.

WDS also provides a corresponding range of knurled thumb nuts to DIN standard 6303, offering the same low profile knurled head, but with a female thread in place of a threaded stem. A standard version is available, as well as a variant with a cross-drilled hole, enabling the thumb nut to be pinned in position to a shaft, or allowing insertion of a set screw.

The DIN standard knurled thumb nut, WDS part number 8911, is also manufactured from stainless steel and is available in female thread diameters M5 to M12. A full specification is available on

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