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WNT Formulas – an app you can count on!

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With the introduction of the Formulas App from WNT, calculating cutting data has never been so quick, easy and unbelievably practical. Users can now set up CNC machine cutting data correctly in no time at all as the Formulas App calculates the most important values for all conventional types of machining, directly on a tablet or smartphone giving customers cutting data on the go.

WNT Formulas App

With the WNT Formulas App, searching for the right formulas and performing cumbersome cutting data calculations are now a thing of the past, as a complete set of formulae are stored on the user’s smartphone or tablet to make light work of cutting data calculations. The new app is also designed to be of maximum benefit to machining technicians, across a wide range of machining applications, including shoulder milling, face milling, slot milling, ISO turning, grooving, drilling into solid material or counterboring. With minimal user input the powerful App calculates all the respective values required for setting up CNC machines. In addition to standard parameters such as cutting speed, RPM, feed, feed rate or average chip thickness, the Formulas App will also provide chip volume, torque, primary cutting force, primary processing time, and drive power data when machining predefined materials.


Once installed on a smartphone or tablet the software is ready for use and can be operated completely intuitively, with the user first selecting the type of machining process using the clearly structured input field, followed by the material to be machined and then parameters, such as diameter, cutting depth or width of cut. The Formulas App then calculates the recommended RPM and feed values based on this data. Now the results simply need to be entered into the CNC program or machine control and machining can begin. “One huge advantage of the app is that it can perform calculations in all directions,” reveals WNT Application Engineer Felix Bohn, who played a major role in the implementation of the app. “For example, for shoulder milling the average chip thickness can be entered as a parameter to calculate the appropriate feed value. This is an important criterion for trochoidal milling processes in particular.” The app also calculates all the relevant data to assess the feasibility of the machining operation with no additional input required from the user. “It has never been easier to calculate setup values for the machine. Our aim was to develop a piece of software for mobile end devices that is easy use and at the same time offers maximum benefit. I am in no doubt that we have succeeded,” he says.


In line with the WNT commitment to service, the extremely useful and practical Formulas App is available free of charge. Additionally, the software has been streamlined to ensure extremely fast loading for immediate use. Machining technicians looking to make life easier can download WNT Formulas from the Apple Store for iOS devices ( ), or from the Google Play Store for Android devices ( ). For more information visit .



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