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WNT rings the changes with its WTX Change drilling system

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WNT (UK) has announced further additions to its already extensive WTX Change series of replaceable carbide drill heads. The new additions bring the advantages of WTX Change’s interchangeability to those companies machining steel greater than 700 n/mm2 and cast iron.

WNT-WTX Change (MR)

Available in incremental steps between 12.00mm and 41.00mm diameter the interchangeability of the drilling heads of the WTX Change drills help to drive down consumable tooling costs as the drill heads are regrindable, and also enhance productivity, with some customers reporting a 400 per cent improvement in tool life in certain applications.


The new additions to the range are the Change P series for drilling Steel > 700 n/mm2. These drills feature a 138 degree point angle and are coated with WNT’s Ti 750 coating for improved wear resistance. The Change drills for cast iron, designated GG feature a shallower 140 degree point angle and benefit from a Titanium Silicon (TiSi) coating for improved performance. These two new additions will complement the existing Type UNI, Type VA and Type ALU WTX Change drills already available.


The heads are located on serations on the drill body and are held in place by a single screw, making changeover both quick and accurate ensuring any interruptions to production are minimised. Drill bodies for the WTX Change heads are available in 1x, 3x, 5x and 8x diameter as standard, with delivery from stock available across the range.


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