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World’s first Metrology degree

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Physical Digital’s Ben Singer has completed with Distinction the world’s first and only Foundation Degree in Metrology, hosted by Coventry University. The course consists of modules including mathematics, engineering science, measurement methods and systems, and uncertainty in measurement, combined with Professional Practice in Metrology.

Measurement vital for aerospace industry

Metrology – the science of measurement – plays a vital role in modern life. Measurement is fundamental to innovation, since businesses need to measure quantity, quality and performance when developing products. Highly accurate measurement is critical for industries such as aerospace, where manufacturers must ensure that the precision components for aero engines maintain tight specifications of size, performance and material composition. From healthcare to time standards, air quality and vehicle safety, measurement provides structure, reduces waste and supports precision, saving lives, money and time.

The Metrology course at Coventry University was designed as a vocational qualification which the University developed in collaboration with employers, ensuring that the skills and experience gained are highly valued in the workplace. Students attending the course take back to their workplaces the benefits of implementing best practice within metrology. The qualification is designed to fill the specific skills gap in the understanding and application of measurement within the business environment.

The degree was completed on a part time basis, allowing Ben to combine it with his role as Metrologist at Physical Digital. Lectures and practical sessions at university were complemented by independent study and coursework, integrating study with work projects and responsibilities.

For his dissertation, Ben conducted an extended study on “Investigating The Validation Methods of Automated Fringe Projection Metrology Systems”, which earned him impressive marks in this module.

Ben commented “It was great to meet fellow professionals at the same point in their career and to gain a broader understanding of more traditional forms of equipment because, at Physical Digital, we only have exposure to high end equipment.”
Ben went on to say “The metrology degree has opened many opportunities within my firm and helped me to progress on my self-development. At the moment this is the only Metrology qualification available but there are talks of a Master’s degree in Metrology which I would be interested in!”

Now he has more letters after his name…FDEng Metrology!

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