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Your most important tool for machining – the new WNT Catalogue

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With over 50,000 tools exclusively for metal-cutting applications, the new WNT catalogue, launched on the 1st June 2016,  is a ‘must-have’ for all your machining needs. Each WNT catalogue is two years in the making, involving numerous revisions and the addition of 6500 brand new products making it an indispensable companion for every machining specialist.

Given the size of the catalogue, at almost 2000 pages in length, ease of use was a vital part of its development. WNT has standardised individual sections with the existing structure being re-invented to further simplify the clarity of the catalogue. Also, as with recent WNT catalogues the sheer number and variety of products contained in the catalogue has meant that it has been split into two volumes. The main catalogue focuses exclusively on precision tools for the metal cutting industry, while the second volume features products for workpiece clamping.

16-483-WNT-New catalogue 1 (MR)

Typical of this re-invention and at the heart of the new catalogue are the new Toolfinders, which have been developed by engineers for engineers and with great attention to detail. The Toolfinders enable quick and easy navigation of WNT’s wide range of products – users can search through the vast product portfolio and filter for the perfect precision tool, for just about any application. This clever search system always guides you to the WNT tool most suited to your particular application, without the need for endless page turning.

Recognising the need for conformity as well as ease of use, WNT has also incorporated Industry 4.0 into the new catalogue with the introduction of tool attributes in accordance with ISO 13399. In addition to the old WNT designations, standardised, manufacturer-independent product data descriptions are now available in the product tables. These globally valid parameters greatly simplify the transfer of tool data between different software systems, paving the way to the digital future.

In addition to the user friendly design changes, the catalogue remains a vital source of information on the range of WNT products and the new and innovative tooling developments that have been included since its last publication. All of these new developments are designed to help you work more efficiently and boost productivity and key among them is the increased number of tools using WNT’s Dragonskin coatings. This special coating technology is now available on rotating tools for the first time, leading to a considerable improvement in performance and efficiency for the respective drills. All new tools in the catalogue are highlighted with a distinctive logo to make them easy to find.

The WNT catalogue is the ‘go to’ reference material for anyone using cutting tools or workholding equipment and with the numerous new products, detailed information and the intuitive Toolfinders contained in the latest volumes it will continue to be so. To request your free copy and, to start to benefit from WNT’s comprehensive range of products and quality tools, call freephone 0800 073 2 073. Of course, the full range of products is also available online from the WNT online shop at


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