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We are spreading good metrology practice and improving understanding of how metrology can add value.

We have trained over a thousand people on metrology short courses and up to degree level, with excellent course satisfaction rates.

Metrology skills, like general engineering skills, have been in decline for decades. The skilled metrology workforce’s core understanding of measurement has been diluted through reliance on new technology providing quick and sometimes misleading answers, an ageing workforce, and a lack of focus on measurement in feeder training programmes. At the same time, developing good metrology practice has never been more important for securing better data, decision making and managing risk.


Foundation Degree in Metrology

(2 years part-time)

We have created the world’s first Foundation Degree in Metrology, developed in conjunction with industry, to empower industry. The course is designed to deliver engineering Metrology skills to the student that your company can then gain noticeable value from. Feedback from beneficiary companies is that the students make a real and postive impact on their businesses, improving processes and techniques, therefore liberating unnecessary costs.

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The Foundation Degree in Metrology has an annual September start date.

*We are accredited by NPL to deliver the simensional measurement training framework.

Portable Co-ordinate Measuring Systems (NPL)

(2 days)

This course will give the learner a good understanding of portable co-ordinate measuring system types and their good practice. The course includes portable Metrology principles and methods as well as completing hands on activities utilising a variety of modern protable measurement equipment such as portable arms, laser trackers and photogrammetry.

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Dimensional Measurement (NPL) Level 1

(3 days)

This three day training course introduces dimensional Metrology and its under-pinning principles and methods. Delegates will be taught how to better interpret technical drawings, to make fundamental measurement calculations and to implement a measurement strategy in a manufacturing engineering environment.

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Dimensional Measurement (NPL) Level 2

(4 days)

This four day training course builds on the knowledge and measurement principles gained through the level 1 training course. Delegates will be taught how to apply the fundamental principles of geometrical product specification, measurement tools and calibration, how to apply fundamental measurement calculations, how to respond to measurement results and related uncertainty and how to communicate, question and plan the measurement process.

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I thought the measurement uncertainty module was excellent. It was great to have someone teahing it who actually knows the subject, who has applied it in a working wnvironment to know why and how it is used. In contrast to my experiences with other providers, there was a real sense of involvement and engagement: I could ask questions and know that I’d get knowledgeable answers. A major aerospace company employee


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