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Indysoft Europe Ltd

IndySoft is recognised as supplying the best ‘commercially available’ Enterprise-wide range of Gauge Management, Instrument Calibration Software and Tool Management Software Tools on the market today, largely due to their recognition of compliance with AS9100, QS9000, TS16949, ISO9000, FDA 21CFR Part 11 and ISO17025 – to name just a few..

Almost 20 years of continuous development – based upon thousands of global license sales has enabled IndySoft  to understand industry requirements.

There is no restriction to what equipment you can store, Calibrate or Service with our software. Electrical, Force, Pressure, Torque, Dimensional, Temperature, etc…

Create your own test points or embed MS Excel or MS Word documents and integrate with outside programs like Fluke MetCal etc .

Perform on-site calibrations with our stand alone systems and tablet computers and synchronise back to the main server the up-dates.

Automated alert reports and equipment calibration or maintenance due reminders can be automatically emailed to clients/colleagues whenever you chose.

The system has a comprehensive report builder to allow you to create automated reports, generate Certificates, Stickers, Work Orders, Delivery Notes, Invoices, Cal-due and Service due reminders – in fact anything ‘branded’ that your business would need.

Allow internet access for historical certificate retrieval for your customers with our DataView Module, other modules include Trend Analysis, Uncertainty Calculations and Fluke MetCal Import Utility.

You can also perform MSA studies like Stability, R&R, Linearity, Attribute, Bias and get Historical Charting on practically any scenario.

In addition, we also support barcode scanning and RFI tracking.

Industrial Strength Software and Tablet Computers –

Key advantages to using IndySoft are:

·         Significantly reducing the turn-around of calibration and maintenance

·         Creating your own test/measurement points and recording the results

·         Automatically generating Calibration Certificates and Stickers

·         Scan and store sub-contract lab certificates

·         Paperless System

·         Manage re-calibration, service, maintenance schedules effectively of your own in-house masters

·         Reducing the amount of duplicated effort in administration

·         Reduces inventory

·         Supports all Barcode and RFI tagging

·         Making the best use of existing resources

·         Staff become more efficient

·         Improves communication between you and your customers and sub-contract laboratories

·         Reduce the amount of different legacy systems and IT equipment

·         Full audit trails and certification for Quality Management

·         Maps to existing Procedures and Quality Documentation with full revision control

·         Very fast ROI (return on investment)

We are even able to import existing customer data from other software into our package with our import utility.

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