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MAPAL Limited

‘Your technology partner for machining’ MAPAL is a leading manufacturer of precision tooling. With decades of experience and an extensive portfolio, the company has established itself as an industry leader in the profession and is a trusted technology partner providing innovative solutions that contribute to the success of its customers.

Companies that manufacture Dies and Moulds expect high process and product expertise from their cutting tools manufacturer. They require their tools to offer the highest levels of precision, a long tool life, and – above all – process reliability. It is precisely these aspects that make MAPAL successful in sectors such as the automotive industry, machine engineering and the aerospace industry.

As a technology partner, we support our customers with the development of efficient and resource-saving manufacturing processes using standard tools, bespoke tooling concepts and the optimisation of tool details. Our tools satisfy all the requirements on process reliability, precision and simple handling. In many years of close collaboration with its customers, MAPAL has obtained a deep understanding of the processes for almost all methods and applications in machining manufacture. MAPAL machining solutions are used in application areas in a very wide range of sectors.

The manufacture of custom tools has been MAPAL’s core business for 70 years. For this reason, the focus has been on comprehensive advice and support for machining tasks and processes since the company was founded. MAPAL tools stand for the highest level of quality and cost-effectiveness. This is guaranteed by uniform, state-of-the-art production facilities and standardised production processes worldwide.

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