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Midas Pattern Company Ltd

With nearly 30 years of experience, Midas are a specialist and award-winning company dedicated to delivering the highest levels of quality, customer service, and design for manufacture. They provide a range of prototype and production solutions best suited to the development of high value equiptment.

Midas is a carbon net-zero polyurethane RIM moulding company, specialising in low volume production moulding. With over 30 years’ experience and advanced manufacturing facilities here in the UK, we can provide both prototype and production polyurethane moulding solutions.

RIM moulding is ideal for high value products such as medical devices, scientific equipment and complex electronics housings. Our setup enables us to produce parts ranging from handheld items right through to 3m or 30KG in weight with complete flexibility in ordering and small batch sizes.

We offer low cost tooling, fast lead-times and are fully supported with an in-house paint and assembly department. We are the ONLY company to talk to about your RIM moulding requirements.

At Midas we strive to deliver the best possible experience for all customers

Industries served include: Medtech and Life Sciences, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Marine, Communications, Environmental and Test and Measurement.

Services include: RIM Mouldings, Rapid Prototyping and Functional Prototypes, Precision Pattern Making, Rotational Tool Making, Jigs and Fixtures, and Final Finishing and Product Assembly.

Reasons to Partner with Midas Pattern Company Ltd

  • Passionate about Climate Change – leading the charge for carbon net zero polyurethane RIM
  • All tooling and reaction injection mouldings are produced on site, in Bedford, and within our Process Carbon Neutral environment.
  • Unique tooling systems developed in house; this innovation drives our company forward and is central to our ability to continually deliver quality product on time, every time.
  • Infrastructure, Investment and Innovation means Midas is your go to, low risk polyurethane moulding company
  • Single sourcing and turnkey solutions – we can supply models, pattern equipment, tooling, precision sand castings and precision polyurethane mouldings
  • All aspects covered by BSI 9001:2015

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