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Mouldtech Solutions

Mouldtech Solutions are specialist mould manufacturers with a strong bias towards product design and development. It has many years experience in designing mould tools in 3D and is able to work with 3D part models in various formats.

3D design enables greater visualisation of the design for both designer and customer, making it easier to understand the construction of the tool and ease the approval process.

Mouldtech employs optimum design techniques in the production of all its mould tools to ensure a robust and long lasting tool. All mould tool designs are stored on its own servers so if there is any need for modification during the life of the project, the company can easily access the drawings and asses what work is need.

In addition to tool design, Mouldtech Solutions is able to design components. Working from just a sketch, it can develop the idea into a solid 3D model. This area of product design and development is a major part of its business, and it believes in building good relationships with its customers to enable it to understand their market needs for mutual – and long-term – benefits.

As a leading mould making specialist it has experience with all types of mould tool and can supply technical multi impression moulds up to 750 kg. Its services include a full trial facility, with optimised settings sheets supplied with approved parts.

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