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Yorkshire Precision Gauges Ltd

YPG offers the broadest range of plain plug and pin Go, No Go gauges available from a single UK source. Multiple size and specification pin-sets, master setting discs and rings are supplied for calibrating and setting production and quality measuring equipment. 

YPG’s Express Delivery Service offers a 96 hour turnaround for pin and plug gauges.

Standard thread plug and ring screw gauges are often available “Off the Shelf”.

Customized standard gauging and special purpose gauging are a key area of capability for YPG including:

Plug gauges incorporating depth steps, progressive stepped plug gauges, bladed style plug gauges, concentricity plug gauges and rectangular or square plug gauges. Barrel type depth measurement, groove measurement and conical gauges for holes as deep as 100mm. Plate style gap gauges in a U, C, or H design as well as all styles of feeler gauges.

YPG offer an extensive range of Adjustable Snap Gauges including type A, C and U the gauges can also be set, sealed and certified.

YPG’s UKAS laboratory has decades of experience and operates to the highest of manufacturing specifications, it is compliant to ISO/IEC 17025:205, ISO 9001.

YPG is the exclusive UK distributor for:

B² Step Gauge

A unique range of digital depth, step and gap gauges, for the inspection of assembly criteria in finished products, widely used in the automotive, aerospace and railway industries.

Oskar Schwenk

A comprehensive range of German manufactured digital and analogue measuring instruments including, Indicating plug gauges, cylinder bore gauges, deep bore measurement, large diameter ID and OD measurement, split ball bore gauges.

Go, No Go Plug Gauges19mm – 165mm dia.
Go, No Go Pin Gauges0.2mm – 19mm dia.
Thread Measuring Wires0.2mm – 5mm dia.
Plain Ring Gauges3mm – 200mm dia.
Pin Sets (In multiple steps)2mm – 19mm dia.
Adjustable Snap Gauges1mm – 300mm.
Screw Plug & Ring Gauges1mm – 45mm dia. 0.25” – 2.00” dia.
Digital Bore Gauges1mm – 800mm dia.
Large Bore Gauges500mm – 2,500mm dia.
Measuring Tapes20mm – 7,500mm dia.
Step and Gap Gauges0.1mm – 50mm.
Special Gauges

Express delivery service

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