Welcome to the Manufacturing Resource Centre

The Manufacturing Resource Centre is committed to promoting excellence in the UK engineering Supply Chain. One of its key roles is developing opportunities for the UK engineering Buyer and Supplier to work together.

It helps to create win: win situations for both specialist supply chain competent, process efficient suppliers and OEM and Tier 1 organisations.

In response to many requests from buyers in major organisations MRC has developed two major new initiatives, both of which are designed to provide enhanced Supply Chain performance:

The MRC Buyer: Supplier Network provides buyers with a speedy and reliable method of sourcing both products and services from specialist suppliers throughout the GTMA Engineering Supply Chain.

MRC Professional Services provides a range of services including supply chain development resources and services designed specifically to underpin the resources of in-house procurement teams.


MRC Professional Services

The manufacture of products throughout the engineering supply chain can sometimes require specialist assistance to ensure that the highest Quality, Cost and Delivery standards are attained.


MRC Professional Services

GTMA’s Manufacturing Resource Centre offers a bespoke Professional Services facility to give tangible business development assistance to the manufacturing sector.


Network saves buyers time – and resource

The Manufacturing Resource Centre Buyer: Supplier Network provides a free of charge service to Buyers, saving both time and resource.



Contact MRC now +44 (0) 121 392 8995