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Network saves buyers time – and resource

The Manufacturing Resource Centre Buyer: Supplier Network provides a free of charge service to Buyers, saving both time and resource.

It uses MRC’s extensive knowledge of the industry, current capacity, availability and expertise within a wide range of engineering suppliers.

MRC works closely with the industry to maintain and increase business and technology leadership through a range of programmes to help them achieve and maintain competitiveness in today’s global market.

Companies who complete these programmes are qualified by MRC and have either attained World Class accreditation, or are recognised by MRC as Supply Chain Competent, to ensure Quality, Cost and Delivery principles are met first time,every time.

  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Ensured confidentiality
  • Rapid Quotation Service
  • Fast and efficient enquiry turnaround
  • In-depth supplier assessment
  • Access to MRC industry knowledge
  • Accredited suppliers with relevant sector experience
  • Active project management

For more information please call: 0121 392 8994 and ask for our Business Development Director, Roger Onions

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