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  • Esspee Fabrications Limited


    World Class Products. Extensive Range. From the UK’s Leading Producer.


    Manual and CNC Machining

    Comprehensive machining facilities including slitting, cutting, bending, pressing, punching, drilling, milling and turning.


    Many of the parts produced by Esspee are integrated into modules or sub-systems such as coil boxes, pipe supports and burner assemblies.

    Bonding, Varnishing and Painting

    A variety of size and pressure pneumatic press beds as well as a continuous coating line and spray booth for varnishing and painting.

    Service Esspee

    offers a 365 day breakdown service, providing you with total peace of mind.

    Casting, Molding and Isostatic Pressing

    Casting and pressing facilities to cast near net/finished shapes or mould raw dry powder and dough mould materials.

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  • Avon-Dynamic Calibration

    Avon-Dynamic is a leader in CMM Inspection Services, UKAS calibration and dimensional measurement in the UK.

    Since 1985, we are specialists in providing single source capabilities for businesses and organisations across the UK at our laboratory or at customer’s facilities.

    Avon-Dynamic delivers reliability and efficiency to businesses of all sizes when it comes to calibration.

    We are a BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory that provides industry leading solutions in calibration and metrology across electrical and dimensional fields.

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  • Menear Engineering
    Menear Engineering is a small family run business established over 35 years ago.

    We produce  quality mould tools, press tools, diecast tools and jigs & fixtures for a variety of customers.We are specialist in CNC Milling Precision Machinery & also manufacture precision machined parts for all types of industries using a whole range of toolroom machinery and inspection equipment.

    Our mould tools are manufactured using 2½ D CNC Milling, Spark Erosion, Surface Grinding, Turning, Conventional Milling, Bench Fitting and Polishing.

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  • Armstrong Optical Ltd

    Armstrong Optical Ltd was founded in 1997 with the remit of introducing the FISBA OPTIK phase shifting interferometry systems to the UK with complementary optical metrology products from TRIOPTICS and interferometry accessories.

    The interferometer business of FISBA OPTIK was subsequently purchased by TRIOPTICS who now supply a comprehensive range of optical test equipment for metrology and production and are a key partner for us.

    Armstrong Optical now specialise in a number of areas within advanced engineering, including a range of optical metrology solutions and electro-optics sub assemblies.

    Our laser metrology instrumentation enables sub nm distance and high accuracy angle measurement for such apparatus as machine-tool beds; non-contact shape/thickness measurement of glass containers on production lines; non-contact vibration analysis – from the macro- right down to the micro-scale as well as bespoke automation of measurement requirements.

    Our electro-optics sub assemblies from our partners SwissOptic are used throughout the world.

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  • Fenton Precision Engineering Ltd

    Our tool making facility is fully equipped with EDM sparkers and wire erosion machinery coupled with CNC high speed milling centres (2 new in
    2014), grinders, lathes and milling stations. We can manage multiple tooling suites in house and fully optimise each tool on our moulding presses.

    Metrology is also kept in house with our CMM measuring machine, shadow graph and standard measuring equipment. ISIR’s and PPAP documentation is also standard procedure at Fenton.

    Injection mould tools include single to high cavitation, P20 tool steel, H13 hardened and aluminium. Our expertise is also within insert and over moulding, composite/multi material, stack tools and 2K (twin shot). Hot runner systems, multi or single drop are offered either with our preferred supplier or to your own specification. We also have extensive experience with manufacturing auto-unscrewing tools being single or multi impression.

    Mould tooling for processing all grades of polymers ranging from PP to PPS and PEEK – each project is offered with on-site consultation to suite each customers specific tooling and product needs.

    Modular tooling concepts are offered where Fenton own the tooling bolster sets and the customer funds the core and cavities set thus keeping investment to a minimum.

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  • Fitsco Industries Ltd

    Our CEO and founder Mr Philip Schofield established Fitsco Industries Ltd in 1990 with just a single ‘port-a-cabin’ office and just a few shelves of stock. His aim was to become the leading independent supplier of high performance threaded inserts for use in plastics, wood and sheet metal applications.

    In 1991 the offices moved to Bidford-on-Avon and in 2000 a manufacturing facility was acquired in Stourport-On-Severn

    During 2001 we introduced our own ‘branded’ range of threaded inserts, namely the “Multifit”, “Heatfit”, “Pressfit”, “Screwfit”, “Mouldfit” and “Woodfit” ranges.

    In October 2004 the company expanded its manufacturing capacity and relocated both original sites to a single facility in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

    In 2008, a new product range, “Rotofit” (inserts for the rotomoulding industry) was added to the other six current product brands and in 2009, we introduced another new range, “PlasFit” – Thread Forming Screws for thermoplastic mouldings, commonly known as PT Screws.

    In 2014 we moved into machining Marine Stainless steel inserts. These inserts are more suitable for use in marine environments as the material is less prone to salt corrosion.

    We currently manufacture over 750,000 inserts per month in our Bridgnorth premises and due to a recent increase in a worldwide demand for our products

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  • Graphitene

    Graphitene provides world-class graphene research and development. We have not only developed the world’s first graphene products for ultra-large markets like concretes, but we also conduct active graphene research to stay on the leading edge of new developments. Graphitene has product development teams that can take new concepts all the way to market. We work with corporate partners to create custom graphene-based solutions for their most demanding challenges.

    Improving existing products with Graphitene™

    Graphitene’s product development team emphasizes real-world solutions that can fit into your manufacturing process and are cost-effective, while adding unique new capabilities to your products. Graphitene™ formulations harness the exceptional conductivity of graphene:

    Elite academic resources

    Graphitene also collaborates with universities and scientific research laboratories on leading edge graphene research.

    Developing new products with Graphitene™

    Graphitene’s experienced staff works with industry partners in the construction, energy, transportation and materials industries to develop new products using Graphitene’s unique technologies. We welcome innovative development partners with targeted application needs

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  • Koenig-mtm

    Koenig-mtm GmbH Spanntechnik has been one of the most innovative companies in the sector of high precision clamping products in machine tools for decades.

    The product range includes clamping devices like mandrels and chucks in hydraulic and mechanical versions that are sold under the product brand Königdorn® to leading mechanical engineering companies and industrial companies. The customers’ components that are manufactured as precision products on Königdorn® devices range from aircraft parts to components for the automotive industry and from construction equipment to gear wheels for wind power plants.

    The product brand Königdorn®meanwhile became a real quality symbol for international mechanical engineering companies and the automotive industry. The customized clamping tools are as single or small series products generally individual developments according to their machining task.


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  • BERG & Co

    Quality clamps Quality

    In a modern building complex with over 5000 sqm of production area, we manufacture clamping tools of the highest quality for a global market. The quality ethos is observed whether we are supplying high volume series production products or specially designed products to suit our customers specific needs.
    From the very first phone call and site visit through to engineering specification and delivery, the Berg quality system shines through and gives our customers confidence and peace of mind.

    Highest Standards for Productivity

    From raw material processing to final product inspection, many production steps have to be performed with precision and to very exacting standards. This is only possible due to our ever constant quality processes at every stage guaranteeing the Berg quality our customers expect and demand.

    Precision determines each working step

    State of the art production, process and inspection machinery are used through every step of the manufacturing process along with the most up to date ERP and planning software. This ensures the Berg package, be it for a high volume OEM, an end user with an installed base or a service customer is acheived every time.

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  • Bowyer Engineering

    Bowyer Engineering Limited was founded in Clerkenwell (London) on St Davids Day 1946 when the company initially worked to provide tooling and general equipment for the Telecommunications Industry.

    In 1969 Bowyer Engineering, by now a specialising in batch machining work, relocated to new purpose built factory in Andover. The company continued to evolve by establishing relationships with several OEM’s who required solutions that required Special Purpose Machine development. These solutions have included assembly and welding fixtures and finally led to working with robotic welding integration solution providers.

    Bowyer Engineering has enjoyed and excellent working relationship with Rolls-Royce Aero engines for 50 years, they remain one of the company’s largest customers.

    Bowyer Engineering continue to supply batch work machining solutions from the recently expanded 1,100 sq mtr machine shop. We specialise in the machining of a diverse range of alloys that includes Super Duplex, High Temperature Stainless Steel, Nimonic, Inconel, High Tensile Aluminium and High Tensile structural Steel. The recent acquisition of a Matsuura MX520 5 Axis machining centre has given greater flexibility to supply complicated prototype solutions.

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