Metrology Helpline

Helpline offers free expertise

GTMA has launched a new Metrology Helpline service with direct access to the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), one of the UK’s leading science and research facilities and internationally recognised National Measurement Institute.

GTMA’s aspiration is to make the metrology expertise in the UK more accessible to all by the use of the now available free and impartial helpline service.

Those companies requiring assistance with dimensional metrology matters can now make contact by telephone or by email to the GTMA Metrology helpline.

The evidence is overwhelming that companies that apply better metrology solutions gain competitive advantages in their market.

With smaller tolerances on component parts, which themselves are becoming more complex, the GTMA Metrology Helpline provides vital guidance assistance and access to problem solving expertise that allows the UK to lead the world in innovative precision engineering.


Enquiries can be made by email by providing the following information:

  • Nature of enquiry – if artefacts are the subject of the enquiry as many details as possible should be noted
  • Equipment manufacturer – if the enquiry relates to specific equipment please provide the name of manufacturer, model/type, short description and serial number if available.

Helpline email:

Confidence in the Service

Anyone using the service can be confident that GTMA and NPL have the right credentials. GTMA will draw upon its growing number of world class metrology companies to provide the most comprehensive advice possible. These range from those that offer calibration services, to those that supply coordinate measurement equipment, and optical systems. GTMA also holds its Make Measurement Matter Roadshow each year where GTMA  members demonstrate their latest technical developments. The next is due to take place in October 2015 (see Events on home page).

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