Superite Tools Ltd


Superite Tools Ltd began designing and manufacturing injection moulds, die casting tooling and press tools in 1955.

This experience has given the company knowledge of a wide range of tooling for numerous products and across various industrial sectors.

The company no longer manufacture new tooling but offers a high quality, reliable and fast response modification and repair service for customers from Scotland to Cornwall and from South Wales to Norfolk.

We offer a dedicated service for modifications and repairs up to 10 tonne for:

  • Plastic injection mould tools & Press Tools
  • Compression moulds
  • High pressure die cast tooling
  • Press tools
  • Our company do not manufacture new tools or dies so short term capacity is always available
  • Collection of tooling up to 10 tonne usually same day
  • On site bench work
  • Prompt quotations completed from on site visit, marked up moulding or CAD data




Capability                                            Maximum Sizes Handled

Die Sinking                                        Up To “x” 2200mm, “y” 1100mm, “z” 1000mm

Surface Grinding                            Up To “x” 1800mm, “y” 610mm, “z” 500mm

Milling                                                Up To “x” 2200mm, “y” 1100mm, “z” 1000mm

Turning                                              Up To “x” 800mm, “y”100mm

Wire Erosion(spark erosion)     Up To “x” 1200mm, “y” 800mm, “z” 440mm

Try Out Facilities                            Up To “x” 850mm, “y” 850mm, “z”1200mm



1 x Huron TX                                           1 x ONA 460

1 x Mikron 1200                                      1 x ONA 360

1 x DMG 103V                                           1 x ONA 2030

1 x DMG 80E                                              1 x ONA 2060

2 x Bridgeport VMC 1000                    EDM Machines – Wire

High Speed M/C Centres                         1 x ONA 400E

1 x Anayak 1800 M/C Centre

1 x Bridgeport Interact Miller

CNC Turning: 1 x Alpha 550

Inspection: Mitutoyo 706CMM

EDM Machines – Sink:

Surface Finish Microscope

Baty Profile Projector


Hardware Includes 7 Pentium III Workstations

Software Includes Delcam Powershape, Autocad 2000

Duct Draft, Powermill and Pro-E


  • Company name

  • Tel

    01922 451151
  • Contact

    Steve Taylor
    Technical Manager
    Craig Dingle
    Toolroom Manager
  • Address

    Vigo Place Aldridge
    West Midlands
    WS9 8UG