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WDS is the UK’s leading manufacturer of standard component parts for use in jig and fixtures, machine accessories and consumer products.

Industries include Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Machine Build and Maintenance to name but a few.

The current Standard Parts and Machine Accessories range offers over 15,000 products which consist of Castors and Wheels, Levelling Feet, Quick Release Pins, Gas Struts, Hand Knobs, Hand Wheels, Hoist Rings, Toggle Clamps, Fasteners and Threaded Parts, plus many more.

Please visit www.wdsltd.co.uk to view the full range and download free of charge line drawings in any current 2D/3D CAD format.

WDS regularly updates its product portfolio based on customer feedback and market demands. It manufactures the majority of its products in-house and is committed to R&D to ensure that it regularly releases new products on to the market.

Products which are new to this year’s catalogue include: anti-vibration mounts, anti-vibration feet, ball transfer units and safety quick release pins.

Application Support

WDS has a long history of supporting design engineers and OEMs in specifying components for applications in almost any industry. It is able to help identify old components which are no longer available and offer refurbishment or replacement, even on small orders.

WDS maintains a large warehouse at its Head Quarters in Leeds; over 97% of orders are satisfied from stock and can be delivered next day.

Please remember that WDS offer all customers the benefits of no minimum order quantity and no small order surcharge on all orders. Simply call or fax our Sales Team on Lo-call 0845 6066677, fax 0845 6011173 or visit our online store at www.wdsltd.co.uk

Product Links to our new Catalogue:

Toggle Clamps & Latches

Clamps & Clamping

Cast Iron Steel & Aluminium Profiles

Castors & Wheels 

Location & Positioning

Hand Knobs & Thumb Screws

Hand Wheel & Grips


Hand Levers


Locks, Latches & Catches

Gas Struts & Rod End Fittings 

Anti Vibration Mounts, Bumpers and Feet 

Levelling Feet & Machine Feet




Grippers & Carbide Pads

Swing Bolts & Eye Bolts

Ball Transfer Units

Lifting Eyes & Hoist Rings

Hydraclamp (Spencer Franklin)

Thread Repair Kits & Threaded Inserts

Broaching & Broaches






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