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Precision surface finishing specialists Kemet International Ltd has been supply- ing toolmaker’s polishing needs for eight decades and recently introduced the KemSonic 3-in-1 polishing system.
With ultrasonic, rotary and reciprocating actions it has everything the precision engi- neer needs in one space saving package.
State-of-the-art ultrasonic technology, with an output of 45 watts, provides 30,000, 3-40 micron strokes per second. It automatically finds the optimum frequency, immediately the unit is switched on, so the operator can quickly fine tune the output of the ceramic polishing stone and optimise the process.
The rotary action is powered by a 300 watt brushless micromotor and offers three speed ranges, 1,000 - 15,000, 15,000 - 30,000 and 30,000 up to 50,000 rpm, while the reciprocating action provides 700-7,000 strokes of 0.2 mm per minute.
In a recent trial, the KemSonic made easy work of refurbishing a very tired and dull mould. The ultrasonic facility was used to polish the small apertures that were not accessible with any other handpiece.
The reciprocating function was then used for stoning the damage out before being finished with Supra ME brushes and Kemet 3 micron Type KD diamond compound using the rotary attachment.
Images from Kemet International showing its new KemSonic polishing system and, left, before and after use of the state-of- the-art ultrasonic technology.
The biggest challenge was to polish the large aperture back to its original finish. A thousand mouldings had taken their toll!
The brushless motor and 90° head with felt bobs and 14 micron diamond compound was used to remove all visible scratches and the mould was then mirror finished with 3 micron diamond compound.
For more information contact Kemet on 01622 755287, at or visit the website.
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Dutton Simulation is extending its range of services after more than 15 years of providing software solutions, consulting and training services to the manufactur- ing industry.
It specialises in sheet metal process simula- tion to ensure feasibility and optimised costs.
Now, the GTMA supplier is also offering support for a wider range of processes including forging, joining and metal additive processes.
From August 1, it became a distributor of the full range of manufacturing process sim-
ulation software from Simufact Engineering gmbh. The product is divided into modules which group related processes together.
The forming module offers simulation for
Simufact forming result showing stresses in an upsetting tool – a new service from Dutton Simulation.
bulk metal forming processes including cold forming, hot forging and ring rolling, as well as related processes such as heat treatment.
 The joining module groups together simu-

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