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Issue 18

Recent global events have shocked the energy market, having an immediate and disruptive effect on prices and supply. This edition looks at the strategic management of energy use and costing alongside opportunities for supply of products and services into these energy sectors.

Most countries have been building supply and infrastructure to support a range of renewable sources of energy including a mix of solar, wind, wave, and nuclear power. Each technology poses a specific set of challenges in generation, storage, and distribution.

Sustainability is now on the agenda for all companies and as we move towards a circular economy It is not yet clear what the full effects will be on integrated manufacturing supply chains. The traditional ‘Take-Make-Dispose’ model is changing, repurposing and closed-loop circularity will continue to offer challenges and opportunities.

Increasing adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and development of hydrogen as an alternative fuel source require innovation and technological advancement. With this comes a requirement for components and services feeding the manufacturing supply chain.

Supply into the oil and gas industry is still an important work stream for engineering companies, supporting production and decommissioning. Many GTMA members are working in the oil and gas industry alongside new projects in renewables, storage, and distribution networks. The entire UK manufacturing supply chain from machining through to design and measurement is critical for delivery of future supply. Security of supply by UK-based service and product delivery is key, against a backdrop of ongoing global disruption and instability.

The challenge for GTMA and our members is to be an integral part of the energy industry supply chain. As an association we are determined to play our part and to promote individual enterprise of our members alongside the collective resource we represent.

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