A classic reinvented by WNT

A classic reinvented by WNT


WNT’s EcoCut multifunction cutting tool was the first of its kind when it was launched in 1993. The foresight of its design is now coming into its own as components become ever more complex, demanding numerous machining processes. Having many of those cutting tools combined in one cutter body is a major benefit towards increased productivity.

EcoCut is designed to carry out up to four different machining processes from a single tool, allowing machining processes to be combined, eliminating unnecessary toolchanges and greatly reducing set-up times and increased machine utilisation. As we enter 2014, WNT has announced a range of developments to the original EcoCut concept, including the addition of new Dragonskin coatings and carbide grades for the range of indexable inserts, the use of WNT’s Highlight, Nickel-based, coating on the tool body, and increased process security through use of Torx Plus screws to secure inserts.


EcoCut’s ability to drill flat bottomed holes from solid, with the either the tool or workpiece rotating, machine external and internal diameters, profile, and groove, has made it a firm favourite among sub-contract jobbing shops. EcoCut tools are available in three formats: EcoCut Mini is a solid carbide variant of the tool that is capable of machining bores down to 4 mm diameter. EcoCut Classic is the smaller indexable insert version that can machine internal diameters as small as 8 mm, while the larger EcoCut Profile Master range starts at 10 mm minimum internal diameter and adds the ability to groove to its repertoire.


The changes with the indexable insert ranges include the use of WNT’s Dragonskin coating and three new carbide grades, which are ideal for machining a wide range of materials and cutting applications. For general steel and cast iron machining there is the Dragonskin HCR1425 grade, which features an advanced AL2O3-TiN CVD coating to provide excellent wear resistance at elevated cutting speeds. For general steel machining the choice is the AL2O3-TiN CVD coated Dragonskin HCR1435 grade, which is also good for very tough materials with interrupted cut or where the machining conditions are not ideal. Finally there is the Dragonskin HCN2430 universal grade for stainless steel, heat resistant materials, steel and cast iron with its TiALN PVD coating.


By introducing these new coatings and grades the performance of EcoCut has improved considerably with productivity increasing by 30 per cent and component costs being reduced by as much as 19 per cent. For example when machining steel with an HCR1425 grade insert cutting data is between 100 – 150 m/min, feedrates of 0,1 – 0,17 mm and depth of cut between 1 – 3,5 mm, with tool life of 87 minutes, which is 40 per cent longer than the previous inserts. The gains in tool life are even more impressive with HCR1435 where it increases by 71 per cent and with HCN2430 tool life can be as much as 76 per cent longer.


With these increased cutting speeds and feeds it was important to improve insert security and WNT has achieved this by utilising the TorxPlus screw system. This improves the transmission of the tightening torque and simplifies handling, due to the larger size of the screw. While the insert is often the focus of improvements WNT has enhanced the performance of the toolholder itself with the addition of its Highlight coating. This silver coloured, nickel, coating reduces friction, reducing abrasive wear on the toolholder and, it also plays a part in optimising chip flow, while being aesthetically pleasing. Chip flow is also aided by the addition of a backward facing coolant jet on tools with a 2.5 diameter to length ratio.


“With these changes to the well-established EcoCut range we have responded to the changing demands of our customers to deliver greater productivity, maximising machine tool useage, and reducing manufacturing costs. Being able to combine multiple machining operations, efficiently, in a single tool brings many benefits, including reduced cutter inventory and associated costs,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK).


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