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Virtual Attendees of the VERICUT Force ‘Live’ event, due to be held on Thursday, 4 March 2021, at Seco Tools and broadcast in real time on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube by MTDCNC, will be equipped with the knowledge to make their businesses more efficient, more competitive and more profitable.

Running for 40 minutes, the ‘Live’ webinar will be delivered at 10am and again at 3pm (GMT) and will be a combination of real-world component cutting demonstrations and interactive discussion. The components under the spotlight for this event come from the medical and aerospace sectors. While both parts are relatively high value, but high volume, the expected savings will be a real eye opener for any machine shop looking to make significant improvements to their bottom line.

A tibial tray*, with a global market demand of around 5 million per year, is the medical component example and any savings achieved will be significant. Produced from a 3D printed titanium 64 near net shape blank, an expected Force optimised reduction in cycle time from 6 mins 30 secs to 5 mins 46 secs represents a saving of 11%. This seems meagre compared to the 20% plus often attained by the software. However, with the large volumes required the benefits soon add up. If a machine shop is producing 600,000 per year at an hourly machine rate of £100 it equates to an annual saving of £724,000 or 301 days.

The pylon bracket, a structural aerospace component produced from titanium 6Al-4V, is typical of the complex, high strength-to-weight ratio parts required by the industry. The CAM program will be optimised with Force to improve the cutting conditions and cycle times for each of the various Seco Tools used in the production of the pylon. With a cycle time saving of over 20% expected on this component, again it is easy to see how machine shops can dramatically improve spindle efficiency.

And, the impact of Force optimisation is directly measurable. With reduced machining time (by 20% plus in most cases) and longer tool life your shopfloor will subsequently have more machine capacity. Maybe you could even postpone the purchase of that expensive new machine tool.

An improved cutting action means machined parts are produced to a better quality resulting in less post-production clean up or deburring, saving even more time per part. CAD/CAM programmers also benefit from having correct speeds and feeds information to achieve consistent machining results.

Of course, all these positives feed back to the quoting and estimating department allowing your business to be more aggressive and competitive with schedules and bids.

So, VERICUT Force can be used by every machine shop, whether you are manufacturing large or expensive parts, or very simple widgets. Don’t miss out on this exclusive ‘Live’ event if you want to see how to significantly reduce cycle time, protect and extend the life of your tools and produce better parts with VERICUT Force.

*A tibial tray is part of an implant used for Total Knee Arthroplasty. The part is attached to the shinbone and supports the upper part of the implant. Typically, tibial trays are made from titanium, which exhibits higher tensile strength than the surrounding tibia bone.

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