Accelerated Path To Market from Galway Tool and Mould – Case Study

Market Leading Pharmaceutical Company
Inhaler Device (7 separate components in the device)


Before approaching GTM, our client was quoting their customer 30 weeks for validation on a mould. The project was only a runner for our client if they could produce 50,000 assemblies – inside 4 months for their customer.

With components required in volumes of 50-80 million parts a year – production moulding and assembly of this would mean it was a valuable project to win and would be worth several million a year to our client and would guarantee consistent revenue for them over 5 to 10 years.

To win this business they needed to satisfy this first stage for their customer which was to get 50,000 assembled devices delivered in a short period of time.

Our client hadn’t the capabilities to complete the project in the desired timeframe due to delays in progressing the project through their own internal system between their own quality and validation people, which in turn would delay their customer by 6 months and result in our client not being awarded the contract.

The challenge for GTM was to build 7 single cavity pilot moulds to an SPI103 specification and to mould 50,000 components out of each tool – that could be assembled by our client quickly and used for clinical trials to prove the device functioned.

GTM undertook the project with the plan to have all the tooling completed in 8 weeks – the moulds tested and validated in the following 3 weeks and then in 16-17 weeks have 50,000 parts moulded off 7 moulds.

GTM took on the project with one certain condition – our client left the whole project management from start to finish to GTM.

Project was successfully completed in 4 months

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