ArtCAM Express CADCAM Updates

Delcam has added more powerful tools for the editing of vectors to its ArtCAM Express program and made the software capable of creating more complex 3D designs.  The price of this entry-level version of the company’s ArtCAM artistic CADCAM system, which is designed for hobbyists and users new to CNC machining, remains at US$149, £99 or 125 Euros.

ArtCAM Express 2015

Full details on the new release and the opportunity to download an evaluation version are on the website –


ArtCAM Express 2015 offers 2D drawing, over 600 free pieces of relief clipart, and 2D and standard 3D machining functions.  It provides an ideal introduction to computer-based manufacturing for companies and hobbyists involved in engraving, routing and signmaking, or other areas of decorative metalworking and woodworking.  A range of modules are available to add extra design and machining functionality.


The 2015 release of ArtCAM Express allows faster creation of designs by including new tools to speed up the editing of vectors.  Selection of vectors has been made easier and quicker.  Simply, dragging the mouse across any area of a model now selects all the vectors either completely or partially within that area.  Selection can also be made of a set of nodes, either from a single vector or from a group of vectors.  Once selected, the group of vectors or the set of nodes can be edited simultaneously in either the 2D or the 3D view.


Movement of relief clipart and vectors has been made simpler and more accurate with the ability to specify the exact distance to be moved, as well as being able to move items by eye.


The ability to create and edit text has been extended so that text can be written in the 3D view.  New options include writing text on a curve, as well as rotating, scaling and angling text after creation.


CNC machining is often easier if all the vectors are in either the clockwise or anticlockwise direction.  ArtCAM Express can now identify all vectors created in one direction automatically, rather than having to check each vector in turn.


While ArtCAM Express does not contain any 3D design tools, users can create 3D designs for machining by importing 3D models or by using the clipart reliefs included with the software.  To enable more complex 3D designs to be created, a new combine/replace mode has been added allowing reliefs to be overlapped and intersected.


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Caption: More complex designs can be created in ArtCAM Express 2015 by using the combine/replace mode to overlap reliefs