Autodesk looks to shape future of manufacturing with PowerMill 2019.1

Birmingham, 6th September 2018Autodesk today announces the introduction of new features to PowerMill 2019, the CAM solution for high-speed and five-axis machining, to enable manufacturers to harness the power of the cloud, streamline processes and therefore better compete in the new era of digital manufacturing.

The PowerMill 2019.1 release includes a new ground-breaking “Posts in the Cloud” platform, which will allow CAM programmers to better manage their post-processor files. By centrally storing post-processors on a secure cloud-site, manufacturers can have greater confidence that teams are using the most up-to-date version at all times, rather than relying on traditional sharing processes such as email that can make version control challenging.

Other key improvements being made in PowerMill 2019.1, include:

  • The introduction of surface probing – enabling spindle mounted probes to be used to measure parts during manufacture. Subscribers can also share 3D inspection reports via Autodesk Drive – a cloud-based collaboration tool – to allow production quality issues to be addressed quickly and efficiently.
  • Enhanced interactive collision management – to make it easier for programmers to identify and avoid collisions or near-misses involving the cutting tool assembly and workpiece.
  • Improved machining setup – to reduce the time and effort needed to programme machined components that use multiple fixtures and/or operations.
  • Faster roughing toolpath calculation – allowing customers to start making chips sooner.
  • More efficient adaptive clearing – PowerMill’s “Vortex from Stock” roughing strategy now supports a stepover of up to 99% of the tool diameter for shorter cycle times when using indexable cutters.
  • The addition of a “pattern-turning” toolpath type – which gives programmers increased choice and flexibility when driving mill-turn machinery.
  • Faster project management – large and/or complex PowerMill projects now open significantly faster than before with improved performance when searching the tool database


Clinton Perry, PowerMill Product Manager at Autodesk, said: “This new release will serve the existing needs of PowerMill users, while also enabling them to take advantage of the power of the cloud to ensure more efficient, safe and accurate machining. There’s no escaping that the industry is being disrupted by new technologies and we’ll continue to evolve our solutions to reflect this. We don’t just want to meet the needs of our customers but help them innovate their tools and processes so that they’re at the forefront of developments, delivering real competitive difference.”

Free trial

Autodesk is offering a free, 30-day trial of PowerMill Ultimate 2019. Those wishing to see how PowerMill can help transform their manufacturing activities can download the free trial by visiting:

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