Blum Novotest News, 2016



For some time, people have been talking about integrated and automated production far and wide and this has become more topical than ever before since the introduction of the term Industry 4.0.

The goal of the fourth industrial revolution is the creation of “intelligent factories”. The comprehensive data exchange of all units involved in the production process is supposed to be achieved, i.e. also the comprehensive networking of production machines and the pertaining peripherals.

This situation presents substantial challenges to all parties involved. After all, nobody wants to miss technological progress and everybody intends to be competitive in the market in the future. For many companies, this poses the question as to what they can contribute to Industry 4.0 or how they can make use of this so-called revolution.
A cornerstone of Industry 4.0 is networking and the creation of closed loop processes in production. In factories, networked, intelligent machines will independently coordinate the production process using bidirectional communication. Already in the actual production process, adaptive manufacturing elements can optimise the product and process quality up can introduce compensation values to the process, thereby implementing adaptive manufacturing.
For Blum-Novotest, Industry 4.0 has been part of its life to a certain extent for many years, i.e. we already implemented such processes before this concept had a name. And thanks to the continuous further development of our measuring technology, we can now offer a suitable machine-integrated or post-process solution for almost any measuring or testing task.
Our latest technologies in the area of measuring components, the machine-integrated roughness measurement and the
DIGILOG technology, continue driving machine-integrated component monitoring ahead.

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