Bowers Group Introduce Innovatest HAWK Hardness Testers

Bowers Group is pleased to announce the launch of the Innovatest HAWK Series of Rockwell Machine hardness testers in the UK. With the addition of the nose-mounted indenter, the HAWK series can test internal diameters as small as 22mm within a wide range of parts with hard-to-reach test spots including pipes, U-shaped parts, nuts, bolts, gear box parts and cardan shafts.

The HAWK’s protruding nose allows force to be applied from directly above the indenter, negating a ‘trenching effect’ which is often caused by the indenter being dragged through the sample in machines where the load is applied by a lever arm.

Bowers Group Sales Director, Martin Hawkins, said “With the addition of the new nose-mounted load cell, this exciting new range provides users with an ‘internal’ testing capacity that can reach as far as 165mm inside a bore, as well as providing measurement on flat surfaces offered by other Rockwell machines, providing an ideal solution for all hardness testing. We’re pleased to be able to offer this great range of machines to the UK market, and we look forward to the interest that we are certain the HAWK series will bring.”

Within the range, the HAWK 250RS delivers the latest technology on internal Rockwell Hardness testing, and provides Brinell testing, as well as optional Vickers and Knoop impressions. The HAWK 400RS is a taller version of the 250RS with an optional clamp that fixes workpieces, with the 400RS-IMP offering the ability to be fitted with an optional automatic spindle, allowing the full process of lifting, clamping and testing to take place without operator interference.

The HAWK 651RS is supplied with a large 425x370mm testing table with a hardened test area inlay that also gives space to mount all kinds of anvils. The most technologically advanced model in the group of HAWK testers, the 652RS-IMP, is unique in its offering with a double Z-axis system, allowing for a 650mm working height as well as different test positions for special-shaped samples. The second adjustable position can support a wide range of different and specialised anvils, or tables to support test pieces from the inside, outside, top or the bottom.

The nose provides a throat depth of 200mm on the 250RS and 400RS-IMP models allowing for testing on any component without being hindered by a regular test head, offering an excellent overview on the workpiece. The range also comes equipped with integrated LED sample illumination, i-Touch software system, advanced tester control and USB connectivity.

To find out more or to book a demonstration, please contact us by calling 01276 469 866, or emailing