Bowers Group Showcase Skills in New Special Applications Video

Bowers Group has released a new corporate video that focuses on its highly skilled and experienced Special Applications Team. Based at the main manufacturing site in Bradford, the specials team devote their time to the development of measurement solutions for non-standard applications. The video explains how the team at Bowers develops bore gauges for the accurate measurement of Grooves, Threads, Splines and Sphericals, further establishing their international reputation for producing high quality, highly accurate bore gauges.


Cathy Clewer, Marketing Manager for Bowers Group said: “Innovation in industry is an important factor in garnering new business as well as retaining existing customers, so it is imperative for manufactures to come up with alternative options for customers looking to develop. Not all manufacturing of components requires just the standard. Bowers Group can provide unequivocal methods to measure non-standard applications, meaning that manufacturers and industry can innovate with confidence.”

“The development of non-standard bore gauges at Bowers Group is a result of our close partnership with a variety of customers,” continues Cathy. “In answer to customer needs, our team will always look to develop and create bespoke additions to our range of bore gauges to make the measurement of the unusual not only possible, but accurate and repeatable.”

Core special applications that the team develops include gauges for the measurement of Grooves, Threads, Splines and Sphericals.  All special applications are compatible with Bowers XT range of digital bore gauges which are now available with optional Bluetooth. See the new special applications video from Bowers Group here