Bruderer UK – Zani Agreement

BRUDERER UK announces that it has signed a sales, spare parts & service support agreement with ZANI to represent their full range of products in the United Kingdom & Ireland.

The name of BRUDERER is know the world over for its quality, high speed & high precision stamping presses, providing a wide range of industries with the latest technology and highly reliable solutions.

Not only does BRUDERER UK supply and fully support their own range of presses, but we also work with carefully selected supply partners that offer equipment & serviced that complement our own range.

To this end, we strongly feel that the partnership between BRUDERER UK & ZANI will prove to be a mutually beneficial and successful venture.

ZANI – 50 years & over 5000 machines produced and sold into 5 continents.

ZANI has been in business for over 50 years and is dedicated to continued technology growth based on production equipment, research and in investment of people. For over 50 years our engineers with their ability, creativity and imagination have been able to build machines, plants and systems for sheet metal forming with the goal of giving customers a competitive advantage.

Over 50 years on the third generation of the Zaffaroni family will build the future of ZANI.

The ZANI manufacturing facility covers 20000 sp.m. and employs a team of people who work with great care and commitment in the manufacture of standard and bespoke presses, including the integration of coil and transfer feed equipment, in order to meet the market and customer specific requirements

Our target – client satisfaction, on time and with meticulous attention to detail.

The range of ZANI presses consists of the following:


– Solid and rigid frame construction
– Available with 1, 2 or 4 connecting rods
– Tonnage range from 1000 to 30000kN
– Manufactured according to each working requirement
– Integration with coil lines
– Presses with quick die change consisting of two “T-TRACK moving bolsters,
– Automatic blanking line for small parts within the automotive industry.
– Mechanical transfer
– Blanking with multi-position die served by transfer feed


– Used of the latest and most reliable technologies
– Pressings manufactured with high precision thanks to the bronze guides and roller guides
– Use of sophisticated computerised systems


– Rigid, control & innovation
– Blanking & coining lines
– Drawing up to 160mm deep
– Slow-down at the impact point
– Decelerating ram press
– Available wit 1, 2 or 4 connecting rods
– Tonnage range from 1000 to 30000kN


– Optimum blanking and coining capacity
– High drawing capacity
– Modified double knuckle joint construction


– High speed and precision
– Dynamic balancing of the moving mass
– Dynamic balancing device to eliminate any vibration and transmission of low dynamic forces to the die
– Ram equipment with roller linear guides
– 1000 to 3000kN


– Improvement of ram parallelism
– High quality pressings produced
– Reduction of tool wear
– Vibrations are almost completely eliminated

For more information contact:
Bruderer UK Ltd
Cradock Road
Tel – 01582 560300