Catia 3D Master


Traditional design methods using 2D drawings are central to the product development process and historically have served as the reference for product definition.

Many companies are increasingly realizing that 2D drawings alone are insufficient and often lead to design errors and higher manufacturing costs. As a result, a new trend called 3D Master is on the rise. 3D Master empowers all functions within a company to find, share, annotate and improve products using the richest format of information – 3D.

This approach provides a number of important benefits, such as the ability to replicate and reuse the product definition for variants, lower cost and improve quality of the product design and development process and eliminate errors. Many companies have moved away from 2D drawings to the 3D Master model in order to achieve these

However, many other companies will continue to use 2D drawings while leveraging 3D models as the master and they too are seeing similar benefits. This whitepaper will examine the 3D Master approach, its associated benefits and real world successes achieved by adopting this strategic direction.

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