Central intelligence benefits from HASCO

Following a significant investment programme by Hasco in its facilities at Luedenscheid, Germany and the implementation of SAP enterprise management software across its global operations, Hasco UK has recently relocated its warehousing to the company’s central storage operation, aligning its operational practices with its sister companies across Europe.



Centralising stock improves business efficiency and also increases customer delivery, as Managing Director, Neil Moseley, explains: “Hasco currently has 100,000 live products, and as product ranges are extended and new products are introduced this number will grow further. Achieving effective delivery to meet customers’ demands requires stock. Achieving effective delivery to meet customers’ demands requires stock, and this strategic change creates around 30 times more product availability than we could previously accomplish. It means that for any quotes we prepare the items on the BOM (bill of materials) are available more than 99 per cent of the time.”


Via Hasco’s logistics partners delivery is next day for parts up to 30 kg and just 2 to 3 days for pallet delivery of heavier items. “Standard delivery is free of charge and we offer a competitively priced express service that uses ‘fast track’ air freight through customs and security to expedite delivery,” Neil Moseley says.


The enterprise-wide SAP software is also set to benefit customers. It supports the  web-based HASCO portal for optimised quotation and ordering as an ultra-fast response to customer enquiries seven days a week. “Hasco staff have direct SAP access, so they have a ‘live’ overview of the stock levels and availability of all products,” Neil Moseley states. “The easy-to-use portal provides the customer with purchase history and a clear price for all Hasco products – with the free standard delivery the onscreen price is what would be charged. Feedback from customers already using the portal is very positive; they say it is just like using Amazon.”


With its warehouse function relocated the company will also move its UK operation, but only a few miles up the road. From September 2016, Hasco will operate from the impressive iCon Environmental Innovation Centre, Daventry. Designed as a beacon for environmental innovation in the UK, the building is focused on green technologies and sustainable construction.


Hasco will base its UK sales and technical support services in the award winning building that also includes a conference centre, a range of meeting rooms, exhibition space and onsite catering facilities. “With the office ideally sized to meet our needs the move also offers us a number of other benefits,” Neil Moseley says. “The layout is more conducive to staff interaction and the low-carbon design of the iCon Centre show we are taking the environmental impact of our business seriously.”


He concludes: “We appreciate our customers want availability, speed of delivery and choice. Hasco is now better equipped to meet all these goals, with the same UK team providing the knowledge and product support the industry has come to expect.”